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Bachelor of Science (Maths,Stats and Computer Science)

About the Department – B.Sc Mathematics & Statistics


The department, since starting in 2013-14, has had tremendous growth in the quality of education as well as the number of opportunities.


The department offers bachelors in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science that provides students a deeper understanding and appreciation of science whilst providing them with the knowledge required to carve a niche for themselves in this ever completing field of science.


The department has always showcased excellent results, with more than 80 percent of the students qualifying with distinction and many continuing their education in prestigious institutes like IITs and NITs as well as those abroad.


B.Sc. has vigorously supported research studies since the start and the students have published many papers in famous science journals like the International Journal of Mathematics and Art.


Our recent achievements include


⇒ Admission to IIT for MSc cybersecurity

⇒ Admission to NIT Rourkela MBA


Many students were even able to secure high quality jobs in top companies like Deloitte, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Genpact and more.


The department has designed an effective and well planned teaching plan that includes the best methods from all around the world. Regular presentations by students, case studies, seminars, group discussions and other networking activities are a practical way to understand the subjects.


About the Department of Computer Science:


The importance of computers and technology is present in every area of our lives. There is a surging need to learn computers and be a part of the fast-evolving tech-savvy world. The use of ICT tools is mandatory now in every area of the profession. To deal with and be a part of every happening thing, the need to be computer-literate is mandatory.


Hence, we, the Department of Computer Science, invite all you talented, modern, educated, intelligent students to come and be a part of this ever-evolving department.


Vision – Mathematics & Statistics:


→ To develop conceptual understanding of fundamental topics of the course.

→ To assist students, develop models and techniques to analyse data and in enhancing skills in the competent areas.


Vision – Computer Science:


→ To build a strong environment for quality teaching and research-oriented education in computer science which helps the students to solve real-world challenges of the 21st century.


Objective- Mathematics & Statistics:


→ To provide strong mathematical foundation, analytical and computational skills and abstract understanding which will help them handle industrial and research problems.


Objective- Computer Science:


→ To impart high quality professional training to students to make them effective problem solvers in computer science and to emphasize on providing basic computer knowledge to students in other departments at VMDC.


USP of the Department:


→ Aims to sustain an environment for learning, enquiry and generation of new ideas.

→ Certificate Courses are designed as per Industry Needs.

Program Objective- Mathematics & Statistics:


→ Graduates can pursue academic excellence through continuing research, technology assessment, feasibility and technical studies.

→ To develop and maintain an information system and data bank on science and technology.

→ Skills based competitions are conducted to test the students practical, problem- solving and creative exposure.


Program Objective- Computer Science:


→ Build Research Programs that enhance the academic reputation of the Department of Computer Science.

→ Modernize and strengthen undergraduate and graduate programs.

→ Successful careers, as reflected by advancement to positions that include greater professional and ethical responsibility and intellectual challenge.

→ Successful and ethical performance in graduate or professional degree programs


Program Outcome- Mathematics & Statistics:


→ Students are able to aware about real, Numerical and complex analysis Techniques along with conduction of Sample surveys.

→ It enables the students to formulate the sums in different possibilities and engross themselves analytically.

→ An ability to Communicate their thoughts effectively with a range of audience.

→ Helps the students to create a collaborative and inclusive environment to establish goals, plan tasks and meet objectives.

→ An ability to design to produce solutions for specific needs consideration of public health, safety, as well as cultural, social and environmental factors.

→ The ability to integrate theory, practice and problem -solving to address Practical issues (OR). Students will get interest in Research Oriented Programs.

An ability to acquire and apply new knowledge as needed using appropriate learning Strategies


Program Outcome- Computer Science:


→ Familiar with the basic concepts and terminology of information technology and to identify issues related to information security.

→ Gain knowledge about basics of programming languages, implement syntax’s and semantics to develop programs.

→ An ability to apply knowledge of computing design, implement and evaluate a computational system to meet desired needs within realistic constraints.

Value Additions:


→ Application of theoretical concepts into real life situations through Presentations, Group Discussions & Panel Discussions

→ Engage with case material in a stimulating learning environment

→ Industry-Connect program to give hands on experience of the real time business world

→ Fun management games to infuse fun based learning


Certificate Courses for additional credits to the discipline. These include Soft Skills & Personality Development, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, SAS – Statistical Analytical System, Data Science with Python, as a skill to name a few.

Clubs of the Department of Mathematics & Statistics:


SCIZONE– In Science, we trust– The Science Club initiated on 8th March 2020


→ To Conduct Seminar, Workshop, Exhibition and Quiz competition to inculcate students’ knowledge in the field of science.

→ To make students acquire knowledge by giving guest lectures

→ To encourage students to participate actively in the activities organized by the Scizone Club.

→ Guiding the students to develop an independent, logical and creative mind.


Clubs of the Department of Computer Sciences


Tech WizardsTechnology is indistinguishable from magic


→ To make the student able to convert theoretical knowledge into practical works.

→ To enhance the professional development of our students and create networking among technical professionals.



» Date and Month: 17th September.

» Target Audience: B.Sc., I & II Year Students.

» Subject: Applications Of Statistics.

» Activity: Presentation of Working Models.

» Topic:


→ Drip Irrigation System in Agricultural

→ Statistics in Space

→ Hydraulic Jack with statistics

→ CHI-SQUARE test Application

→ Implementation of the second year and Five-year plan with using statistics.

→ Amici’s Opus (Usage of Probability in games)


» Out Come:  Students are able to get an idea about Statistics in Agriculture, Chi-Square test Application, Implementation of statistical Tools in second- and Five-year Plans and how Probability techniques are used in games.




» Date and Month: 28 Feb 2020

» Target Audience: B.S c I & III Years

» Subject: Role of Mathematics in different fields

» Activity: Power point presentations by students.

» Topic: Space, Archaeology, Art, Biomedical Sciences and Sports in mathematics.

» Out Come: Students were able to understand role of different topics in mathematics.


Webopedia : Gives a platform to students to demonstrate applications of IT in various sectors through various activities like model making, movie making using graphics and demonstrate


Technovation : Gives a platform to students to demonstrate applications of IT in various sectors by making models and demonstrate


Code Space : Static website development competition


Instagram Page of SCIZONE– The Science Club:

Scope for Higher Studies:


⇒ Student can pursue a Master’s Degree in Management

⇒ Can also pursue a Master’s Degree in Science

⇒ Can also pursue a Master’s Degree in Computer Science

⇒ Can opt for Diploma Courses in allied areas of management


Employment Opportunities


Job Scope for a B.Sc. Mathematics:


⇒ A degree in Mathematics is considered as one of the most advanced degrees of today’s study. With mathematical applications traversing multivarious disciplines including even literature and languages, it is fair to say that a BSc Mathematics enables an individual to work in an array of industries.


The following are B.Sc. Mathematics job opportunities:


⇒ Accountancy & Professional Service

⇒ Management Consultant

⇒ Actuarial Profession

⇒ Bank PO

⇒ Investment and Retail Banking

⇒ Public Administrator

⇒ Policy Analyst

⇒ Lecturer/ Professor

⇒ Operational Research

⇒ Space Scientist and more


Job Scope for a B.Sc. Statistics:


B.Sc. Statistics scope both the public and private sectors, there is a wide range of work opportunities for aspirants after this course.


The following are B.Sc. Statistics job opportunities:


⇒ Actuary Manager

⇒ Research Assistant Manager

⇒ Marketing Assistant Manager

⇒ Credit Risk Strategist

⇒ Statistics Trainer

⇒ Banks

⇒ Finance Institutions

⇒ Educational Institutes

⇒ R&D Firms

⇒ Insurance Companies

⇒ Trading Companies and more


Job Scope for a BSc Computer Science:


BSc Computer Science offers one of the highest paying BSc specializations as the course leads to a number of jobs and career options.


The following are B.Sc. Computer Science job opportunities:


⇒ Full stack web developer

⇒ Mobile app developer

⇒ Software engineer

⇒ System administrator

⇒ System architect

⇒ UI/UX Developer

⇒ IT Supervisor

⇒ Technical Writer

⇒ Business development manager and more

Duration 3 YEARS
ELIGIBILITY: Intermediate/CBSE /ISC/Equivalent