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Bachelor of Arts (PSY, MCJ, MLEL)

About BA


The Department of Arts at Villa Marie Degree for Women was established in the year 2006. From a student strength of 30 to now 360 students, the department has made significant progress. The programs offered are BA (Political Science, Journalism & Mass Communication, Modern Language) and BA (Psychology, Journalism & Mass Communication, Modern Language) which equip students with writing, technical, theoretical, and practical skills. The department stands out in twin cities because of its unique combination of programs offered. It has always recorded a 100 percent academic excellence and pass percentage at university examinations.


The faculty and students evolve continuously through national and international level research paper publications.


The teaching methodology focuses on student-centric learning which includes the usage of ICT tools, experimental learning, guest lectures, flipped classroom, inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, case studies, internships, workshops, group discussions, field trips, and many more.


The department of Arts Club- Uthikrishta gives a holistic approach to the students to bridge the gap between academics and co-curricular activities. The club consists of 30 students that support the department in all its endeavors.


The best practices of the department of Arts are Villa Press- The official photography and social media team of the college, Newsletter designing and publication, IAS, and civil coaching to students from different programs, and mental health awareness campaigns.


Vision :


» To empower its students with a strong foothold in the careers of their choice and also to hone their creative talents.


Objective : 


» To train in the multifarious facets of Print, Electronic, Social and Digital Media

» To provide an onsite experience through industry visits and internships to understand the nuances of psychology.

» To acquaint with regional, national, international politics, schemes and policies.

» To develop language proficiency and also help them to delve deep into the subject to understand its origin.

» To help students gain an insight into various prospects the courses offer



USP of the Department:

Program Objectives:


→ Provides wide scope for research and higher studies.

→ Analyse theoretical and practical applications of Psychology and its study.

→ Provide a strong understanding of Psychology and will be ready for real-life applications.

→ Demonstrate their creativity and ingenious thinking and display required skills for Media application and for entrepreneurial futures.

→ Participate in literary discussions and identify reflections of literature in the real world which will enable them to be introspective and empathetic.

→ Equipped with the required knowledge and ensures employment in different kinds of Media like Print Media, Film, social media, Radio and TV.


Program Outcomes:


→ Develop the skill to browse through the data and effectively communicate through different media channels so that the target audience can better understand the same.

→ Attain practical knowledge in Psychology studies through hands-on training and project experience to meet the industrial needs.

→ Equipped with the knowledge required to write, edit and design newspapers, radio programs, films and documentaries, shoot and anchor news and television programs, and work on social media.

→ Apply ethical, social and moral values that contribute to a strongly civilized and liberal society.

→ Develop a practical understanding of the underlying principles of Mass Communication and Journalism Industry.


Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs):


→ Students are well trained in the field of Mass communications and Journalism with well-equipped labs and recording studio and three certificate courses for photography, digital marketing, screenplay writing and film making.

→ Students are effectively trained in the field of Psychology by providing them with internships and conducting field trips to various mental facilities and hospitals. They are equipped with basic clinical and counselling skills.

→ Students are encouraged to delve deeper into the subject of English Literature which will enable them to see reflections of literature in the real world.

Value Additions:





Certificate Courses 

Clubs of the Department:


Department of Arts [UG] – BA Club –UTHKRISTHA – It’s Different Here




→ Access the student community to management community knowledge, applied management skills and benefit them in practical life & to make innovation and creativity the forte of every student at Villa Marie




→ To equip students with core leadership competencies.

→ To help them achieve experience in the field of Psychology, Political Science and Journalism.

→ To help them think beyond the syllabus




→ To enable globally competitive & socially responsive leaders

→ To stimulate critical thinking

→ Developing research, analytical and creative abilities

→ Listening to and accepting opposite opinions related to controversial issues, i.e. improving the skills in reaching a consensus

→ Benefit from each other’s experiences in their respective fields and strengthen cooperation among them

→ The development of different management skills through training and its importance in the life of the graduate student

→ Organising and participating in various events


Criteria for Nomination of Office Bearers:


→ Academic Excellence

→ Dedication & Commitment

→ Support to the Department in the previous years

→ Dynamism & Foresightedness

→ Initiative

Signature Events:


Reporting and Editing workshop


→ It is an annual 2-day workshop to enlighten the students of 2nd year Political Science and Psychology on the workings of Reporting and Editing in the world of Journalism. The workshop encourages the students to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.


Click Fest


→ An annual event that brings out the creative powerhouses of the department. 1st-year Students are encouraged to click snapshots on various topics such as life, fashion, horror, etc. A panel of judges from the industry select the best three in each category and award them. This event is the practical application of the value-added course Photography.


Flick Fest


→ The annual film festival produces original and creative short films made by the students. The 3rd year students can pick any topic they desire and develop a storyline. The short films are presented to the panel of judges, and the best three win. This event is the practical application of the value-added course Film-making.




→ The annual Psychology workshop elicits the opportunity for the students of 2nd year Psychology to test their theoretical knowledge in the practical world. The students gain practical exposure through the workshop as they conduct psychology tests on their fellow college mates. The workshop benefits the psychology students and is much fun for other students as they explore more about themselves.


Dautya Neeti


→ It is an annual 3-day Political science event where the students of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year come together to create a mock Parliament session. Students also present various research papers, presentations on the Indian Diplomacy. The objective of the event is to make the students aware of the country’s current affairs and its bilateral relations with the neighbouring countries.


Career Prospects:


Scope for Higher Studies:


⇒ Eligible to apply for Masters in and out of the country


Employment Opportunities:


 Mass Communications & Journalism


⇒ Radio Personnel

⇒ TV Personnel

⇒ Newspaper Personnel

⇒ Reporters

⇒ Photo Journalists

⇒ PR Executive

⇒ Advertising Executive

⇒ Digital Marketing Executive




⇒ Data Analysts

⇒ Clinical Reach

⇒ Counsellor

⇒ Organizational Counsellor

⇒ NGO Counsellor

⇒ Academic Researcher

⇒ Corporate Researcher

⇒ Personality Development Trainers

⇒ Mental Health Advocates


English Literature:


⇒ Academicians

⇒ Literary critics

⇒ Publishing personnel

⇒ Book editors

⇒ Academic researchers

⇒ Language researchers

⇒ Content Writers

⇒ Scriptwriters

⇒ Soft skill Trainers

⇒ Translators

Duration 3 YEARS
ELIGIBILITY: Intermediate/CBSE /ISC/Equivalent