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Bachelor of Business Management

About BBA


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Programme at Villa Marie Degree College is a 3–year full-time professional course affiliated to Osmania University, Hyderabad. The objective of the course is to impart management education, creating opportunities for the students to upgrade themselves with contemporary business practices and at the same time to gain hands-on corporate work experience. The result of such an endeavor is to develop a strong conceptual base that can serve as a forerunner for MBA aspirants and at the same time provide a strong foothold for individuals who seek to initiate their careers immediately after their BBA programme. The overall objectives of this academic Bachelor’s program are to develop the student’s intellectual capacity, executive personality, and managerial skills in a way that enables them to assume entry-level managerial positions in business and industry, public sector organizations, consultancy companies and other organizations. Graduates of the program may also choose to start their entrepreneurial business ventures.



› To provide a holistic learning environment through knowledge creation & innovative programs that create future business leaders & socially responsible professionals with a global perspective.



› To provide a conducive atmosphere that fosters learning along with inculcating the spirit of team bonding & leadership.

› To inculcate corporate understanding by building global competencies.

› To create sustainable learning ecosystem to build cognitive competencies.

› To inculcate entrepreneurial skills & start-up attributes for the spirit of self-reliance.

› To develop a humanitarian approach to fellow beings & develop love & compassion for the under privileged.


USP: The department has achieved a 100% pass percentage with maximum distinctions. The department aims at enhancing the personality of the students with its 360-degree approach to teaching-learning.

Program Objectives:


→ PO1: To provide conceptual knowledge with an integrated approach to all the functional areas of management.

→ PO2: To Familiarize business ethics, cultural diversity, ecological concerns and all other related issues that a business enterprise must address

→ PO3: To develop critical and creative thinking, analysis and initiative skills in solving managerial problems.

→ PO4 To promote people skills, communication skills, personality traits and a spirit of cooperation to accomplish predefined goals.

→ PO5: To Demonstrate business and entrepreneurial aptitude to start/manage innovative businesses.


Program Outcomes:


→ PO1: Acquire conceptual knowledge of management practices, skills in functional areas of management and legal and ethical issues of business administration.

→ PO2: Understand the significance of ethics in business and inculcate the spirit of social responsibility

→ PO3:  Apply analytical, critical thinking skills in solving managerial issues and problems arising due to changes in the business environment.

→ PO4: Establish people skills, communication skills, personality traits, professionalism, social and emotional intelligence while accomplishing their goals.

→ PO5: Attain entrepreneurial traits and manage innovative businesses to cater to the needs of consumers at large.

Value Additions:


1) Application of theoretical concepts into real life situations through Presentations, Group Discussions & Panel Discussions

2) Engage with case material in a stimulating learning environment

3) Industry-Connect program to give hands on experience of the real time business world

4) Fun management games to infuse fun based learning


Certificate Courses for additional credits to the discipline. These include Soft Skills & Personality Development, Digital Marketing, Compendium of Start-ups, Brand Management, IBM Certificate on SPSS, Tally, Personal Branding and Networking as a skill to name a few.

Clubs of the Department:


Gesto – One Purpose One Mission One Dream – The Management Club initiated on 8th March 2020



→ To create and disseminate knowledge, and to produce globally competitive & socially responsive leaders

→ To stimulate critical thinking

→ Developing research, analytical and creative abilities

→ Listening to and accepting opposite opinions related to controversial issues, i.e. improving the skills in reaching a consensus

→ Benefit from each other’s experiences in their respective fields and strengthen cooperation among them

→ The development of different management skills through training and its importance in the life of the graduate student

→ Organising and participating in various events

Signature Events:


Strategia – The Power of Mind: A 2-day annual management meet that culminates the activities of the dept into a pot-pourri of business simulation, business plan, marketing strategy, research methodology & many more competitions to enable the all-round development of the student. It involves the application of theoretical concepts into real time situations that fosters ingenuity, creativity & innovation.


Career Prospects:


Scope for Higher Studies:

⇒ Student can pursue a Masters Degree in Management with specialisations in their chosen area of operations – Finance / Marketing / Human Resources / Business Analytics / Retail Management / Hospital Management and many more

⇒ Can also pursue a Masters Degree in Commerce

⇒ Can opt for Diploma Courses in allied areas of management


Employment Opportunities:


A BBA degree could lead to a national or an international career in


⇒ Entrepreneurship: Be your own boss.


⇒ Consultancy: Use your expertise to help businesses optimize their activities.


⇒ Marketing & Sales: Find the best ways to sell your company’s products or services & enhance the company’s market share.


⇒ Finance: Steer investments by minimizing risks & maximizing profits.


⇒ Management: The skills gained from this program are an excellent fit for someone with leadership ambitions.

Duration 3 YEARS
ELIGIBILITY: Intermediate/CBSE /ISC/Equivalent