Villa Marie Degree College for Women


(An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution)

# 6-3-1089, Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad 500082 Telangana

Tel: +91-40-23391966/23306302

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    Office & Info Desk - "Interface to best serve the student community"

    The Villa Campus opens with a very user – friendly information desk for easy access to parents, guardians and students. It is equipped with sophisticated systems with software (Electronic Access to Student Information – EASI) for maintaining the student database. It acts as an interface between the student and the OSMANIA University regarding all correspondence

    Books and Staples - 'Script your own success"

    – Script your own success

    → Convenient and easy to students and the staff.

    → Availability of all the required study material

    → Photostats and spiral binding available

    → Equipped with all the office supplies and stationery needs.

    Library & Information Centre - "The knowledge treasury"

    Villa Marie Library stands at the centre of intellectual life on campus.

    → Reflects its commitment to provide the best possible learning resources

    → Expert librarians are available in person to help navigate our world class collection

    → Students assisted with previous exam papers , projects and many e-resources

    → Delnet is an e-resource webpage where students can avail information at their own comfort

    Conference Room: ‘Winning strategies’

    → A comfort with a seating capacity of 50.

    → Air-conditioned & equipped with audio-video aids.

    → Ideal atmosphere for all faculty meetings.

    → Strong interaction with eminent personalities.

    Seminar Halls: The hallmark of Villa Marie Degree College

    → Facilitated 2 seminar halls accommodating around 350 students each.

    → Teamwork, intercollegiate interaction, guest lectures, paper presentations, seminars, workshops etc. are often conducted here.

    → Equipped with the latest audio visual aids.

    → A perfect place for healthy & interactive interactions among students.

    Sarojini Naidu Main Auditorium - Inculcating Versatility

    → State-of-the-art auditorium with contemporary acoustics.

    → An impressive stage for conducting Seminars & Symposiums.

    → Centrally air-conditioned with a seating capacity of 350.

    → Provides comfortable step-seating arrangements for the delegates.



    Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Auditorium: Inspiring Minds

    The Auditorium serves as a space for encouraging  creativity  fostering communication.

    → With a seating capacity of 250 students,

    → Step seating arrangement

    → Equipped with audio visual aids.

    → Provides a conducive atmosphere for learning.

    Advanced Computing Lab - "Windows to the world"

    → Three centrally air-conditioned computer labs with over three hundred computer systems.

    → State – of- the- art lab with 1:1 student ratio

    → Latest versions of software, and online demos help in constant upgradation of the students.


    Commerce Lab – “Innovation is our tradition”

    → Provides practical orientation to students by linking the subject syllabi with practical training in the lab

    → Introducing students to the annual reports of the companies, vouchers, documents on foreign trade, banks and insurance companies

    Psychology Lab- “Walk-in and know yourself”

    → Equipped with latest apparatus, tests and measuring scales

    → Various tests to assess different aspects of personality administered

    → Tests help the students to understand concepts of Psychology better

    → Annual workshop “Braintainment” is abuzz with activities

    Mass communication Lab - "Shutterbugs in the making"

    → Busiest and the most happening lab in the college

    → Facilities like shooting, dubbing, editing with the latest technology available

    → Students gain hands on experience during the Short film making competition

    Language lab - "One languages sets you in a corridor for life"

    → Language lab software is a blend of technology that helps in easy and fast learning of English skills

    → Practical exposure to language components to improvise technical English

    → Students can test their Listening and Reading comprehension skills

    → Licensed software for mock tests and LSRW skills

    → Trains students on techniques of smart and effective communication

    Second language Lab - "Language is the road map of a culture"

    → Designed to acquire language skills in an easy and interactive way

    → Provides an educational platform for students to learn and understand the basics of a language in a structured way

    → Allows a student to interact, study, experiment with the language skills in a practical manner.

    → Instils the cultural sensitivity by a thorough exposure of diverse global languages

    Sports and Recreation- In Fine Fettle- The fitness hub

    → Physical education offers opportunities for sports instruction and participation at all levels, in pursuit of excellence and wellness.

    → It contributes to physical efficiency, mental alertness and the development of qualities like perseverance, team spirit, leadership and obedience to rules.

    → Villa Marie offers a variety of competitive, instructional, and recreational sports. A sampling of these includes indoor games such as chess, carom and boxing. Outdoor sports like basketball, volleyball, throwball, handball, lawn tennis, and table tennis and athletics like swimming.

    Gymnasium – “A sound mind resides in a sound body”

    → Open to student community, the Fitness Center has highly qualified instructors who are always available to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

    → Explore the potential to develop your physical health and well-being with the expertise of our fitness professionals.

    → The prime importance is to motivate and challenge to get the desired results that maximizes overall health and wellness.

    Counselling Room - ‘Change Your Mind Change Your Life’

    → Internal and external challenges of students resolved to empower them

    → Close assessment and warm interaction

    → Facilitate academic, emotional, social. cognitive development of students

    → Confidential counselling of the students

    Health Centre - "We believe in keeping you safe"

    → Immediate assistance given to students suffering from either a minor illness or injury

    → Comfort and reassurance

    → Take charge of the situation.

    Canteen - "Grab and go - eateries at Villa"

    → Food caters to the divers e taste buds

    → Feel nostalgic with the fond memories

    → Serves Hygienic food

    → Offers wide range of delectable platters


    Parking - "A service that makes a grade"

    → Leading edge –campus parking lot

    → Surveying ingress and egress patterns

    → Ensuring better, smarter and efficient parking

    Chalk Talk : "The future lies in the four walls of the classroom"

    → A conducive environment for learning.

    → Well ventilated, spacious and well- lit classrooms with ICT enabled Technologies.

    → Comfortable seating arrangement

    → Facilitated with a public address system for  internal communication

    Safety and Security - "Assurance is the priority for us"

    → Safety of our students is of prime importance.

    → Campus is intact with fire safety equipment as per the government norms with fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire alarms and fire hydrants.

    → Continuous Electronic surveillance in the entire campus

    → Ensured safe learning experience for all our students.