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  • Bachelor of Commerce(Honours)

    About BCOM


    A Bachelor of Commerce, abbreviated as B.Com is an undergraduate degree in commerce and related subjects. The course is designed to provide students with a wide range of managerial skills and understanding in streams like finance, accounting, taxation and management”.


    The Commerce Department is the largest department in the Institution providing quality education since 1998.


    It offers B.Com (Generals); B.Com (Computer Applications); B.Com (Foreign Trade); B.Com (Honours) & B.Com (Business Analytics) with a present intake of 700 plus students. The department is driven by considerations of quality, well qualified and committed faculty and is ever-ready to design innovative instructional methodology.


    The curriculum of business education in the department is highly application oriented and therefore the department follows multi-dimensional pedagogy for various programs such as Lectures, Tutorials, Seminars, Workshops, Assignments, Projects and Industry interaction. The department has highly qualified and experienced teaching staff.


    The department’s faculty has published a large number of research papers in national and international journals. They have also given presentations at various seminars/conferences. The department has organized a number of seminars, events and conferences. Faculty members strive to foster an environment for proper growth of intellectual insights in trade and business aspects. Social Outreach and Public Interaction Program is an integral part of department activities. The department has proven its excellence with dedicated staff and enthusiastic students consistently bring kudos to the department in the academic and extra-curricular activities.


    Vision :

    » To establish a Department of academic excellence with total commitment to quality education in Commerce.


    Objective : 

    » Our mission is to groom our students with a global outlook and industrial readiness so that they face the future with confidence, knowledge, and requisite skills.


    In order to fulfill the stated vision and mission, the department is committed to:


    ⇒ Academic Excellence: Our primary objective is to enable every student to cope up with the latest developments in commerce through effective transaction of curricular and co-curricular aspects.

    ⇒ Professional Excellence: The Department motivates, transforms and prepares students for positions of leadership in business organizations. The ultimate objective is to produce commerce graduates who possess the skills, problem solving tools and professionalism essential for being successful.

    ⇒ Holistic Development: The Department provides exposure to students in relevant branches of knowledge and competence to face the global challenges.

    ⇒ Socially responsible citizens: The Department inculcates a sense of civic responsibility, social commitment and moral responsibility among students through social activities.

    ⇒ Value Based Development: To impart quality and need based education, our objective is to sensitize the students to their changing roles in society through awareness raising activities.




    → The department is driven by considerations of quality, well qualified and committed faculty and is ever-ready to design innovative instructional methodology.

    → To equip the students with practical and analytical skills, Commerce Lab has been Incepted.

    → The ‘Villa Chamber of Commerce’ club of the Commerce Department engages the students in various academic and cognitive activities like Seminars, Group Discussions, Debates, Role Play sessions, Case Study Analysis, Quiz, at college level

    → Students are taken on field trips and industrial tours. Entrepreneurship Awareness and Development programmes are arranged in collaboration with external agencies.

    → Many students are recruited through the campus placements and placed in reputed organizations like DELLOIT, ,Tech Mahindra, Sutherland, Cognizant, Infosys, etc..

    → The department has the distinction of securing above 100% pass percentage In the Academic Year (2018-2019).

    → Consistently from its inception and is always ranked among the top 2 affiliated colleges of Osmania University.

    Program Objectives:


    → To turn students into experts of their field, while getting their foundations strongly built in their academics, which can further lead to specialization.

    → To instill the habit and skill of critical thinking which will lead to better decision making and problem solving capacity.

    → To enhance their proficiency in communication and have a command over verbal and non – verbal communication mediums.

    → To imbibe team spirit in students and prepare them to work and contribute towards any team or organization they are a part of.

    → To educate them on values and make them aware of their ethical responsibilities so that they emerge to be responsible citizens of the country.


    Program Outcomes:


    → The curriculum plan will help students acquire specialized knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of commerce, equip them with rudimentary concepts of business-trade-industry and at the same time stay up-to-date with the recent developments of the business environment.

    → The curium will assist students in demonstrating critical thinking and understanding of issues and problems related to the global economy and international business scenario.

    → The teaching learning pedagogies used in the programme will make the students capable enough to deliver and communicate information effectively with a mark.

    → The curriculum also inculcates in the young minds the qualities of teamwork, co-operation and solidarity which can be seen as a vision of the current business world though full of competition. The courses included in the programme teach the students to cultivate such characteristics keeping the larger societal goal in mind.

    → The courses also involve training the students to check unethical behavior and activities towards inculcating good morals and values which will be constructive in making students a responsible citizen.

    Value Additions:


    → Highly qualified and experienced faculty

    → Excellent infrastructure

    → Well-equipped department library

    → Well-equipped Commerce Lab

    → Promotion of Research

    → Publications by faculty and students

    → Extension activities

    → Entrepreneurship Development Activities


    Certificate Courses for additional credits to the discipline. These include Soft Skills & Personality Development, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurial development skills , Advanced MS office, Excel, Data science using Python Programming.

    Clubs of the Department:


    VILLA CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE – The Commerce Club initiated on 8th March 2020.


    About Our Club:

    The initiative to launch Commerce Club at Villa Marie Degree College for Women is surely history in its making. Clubs are a vital part of the education system because they are the ultimate in experiential learning for young minds, giving them the leadership and power to make their own decisions and watch, how those decisions affect their life and the lives of others.


    The Commerce Club formed at Villa Marie Degree College serve to unwrap the anthology of activities of the young and vivacious minds of students. Along with providing professional development opportunities, clubs aim at inculcating students with personal, social, and extra-curricular development, enhancing the overall collegiate experience.


    In addition to helping foster practical skills such as time management, leadership and responsibility, extra-curricular activities allow students to “test the waters” and explore new areas of interest.


    It is important to appreciate the contribution of the skill sets, a student can obtain from being part of a club.


    › Clubs can offer important life-skills such as:

    → Communication

    → Leadership

    → Soft skills and Personality development

    → Self-esteem, elegance, strength and intellect

    → Community involvement fosters responsible citizenship and encourages high ethical standards and community service projects




    → To empower students with knowledge, guidance & experience.

    → To promote the students to have the exposure to face the corporate world.




    → To inculcate conceptual, technical & practical skills in the field of Commerce.

    → To make the students well equipped with the practical challenges in the business scenario.

    → To provide business exposure to the students.

    → To inculcate ethical values & contribute to a better business model & personality development.

    → To prepare them to be globally job ready and contribute towards their holistic development.


    Club Events (Online):


    → National level Paper presentation competition for Degree and P.G. (2020)

    → National level Paper presentation competition for Junior and equivalent. (2020)

    → National level competition (From Std VIII to P.G students)

    → Slogan writing, face painting and cartoon making on the occasion of Independence Day celebrations. (2020)

    → Stack the Covid 19 Stats – Youtube Video on the occasion of National Statistics Day 29th June, 2020.

    → Significance of Statistics – Youtube Video on on the occasion of National Statistics Day 29th June, 2021.

    Signature Events:


    → Concurrence

    → Commercio Esena

    → Confluence

    → Adistan

    → World Consumer Rights Day

    → Guest Lecture on Research methodology

    → Guest Lecture on Accounting standards

    → Guest Lecture on Taxation on the occasion of Taxation Day

    → Workshop on Statistics – Statanalytica on the occasion of National Statistics Day


    Career Prospects:


    Scope for Higher Studies:


    ⇒ Student can pursue a Masters Degree in Management with specialisations in their chosen area of operations – Finance / Marketing / Human Resources / Business Analytics / Retail Management / Hospital Management and many more

    ⇒ Can also pursue a Masters Degree in Commerce

    ⇒ Can opt for Diploma Courses in allied areas of management


    Employment opportunities and designations:



    → Chartered Accountant

    → Auditor

    → Tax Accountant

    → Stock Broker

    → Consultant

    → Company Secretary


    Digital Marketing:

    → Marketing Specialist

    → Marketing Analyst

    → Product Manager

    → Brand Manager

    → E-commerce Manager



    → Budget Analyst

    → Financial Planner

    → Finance Analyst

    → Actuary Credit Analyst

    → Stock Broker

    → Tax consultant



    → Human resource specialist

    → HR manager

    → Human Resource Management

    → Training and Development Specialists

    → Employment, recruitment and placement specialists

    → Human Resource Managers

    → Compensation and Benefits Managers

    → Human resource specialist

    → HR manager


    → Business Analyst

    → Finance officer

    → Business development trainee

    → Strategic /Investment management:

    → Analyst

    → Researcher

    → Junior consultant

    → Junior associate

    → Associate

    →Team leader

    → Senior consultant

    →Consulting manager

    Duration 3 YEARS
    ELIGIBILITY: Intermediate/CBSE /ISC/Equivalent
    COURSE FEE: Call us